Establish standardised costing and outcome assessment measures for optimised national healthcare provision in the European Union
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PECUNIA Presentations at 2019 iHEA World Congress

During the International Health Economics Association’s (iHEA) conference on 13 – 17 July 2019 in Basel, Switzerland, several PECUNIA members gave oral presentations.

On July 15, four PECUNIA colleagues presented their research in the interactive organized session “The Inclusion of Intersectoral Costs and Benefits of Health Interventions In Economic Evaluations”. First, Ruben Drost (UM) introduced his article on the conceptualizations of the societal perspective. Second, Susanne Mayer (MUW) presented the findings of her article on resource-use measurement instruments for the education and criminal justice sector. Last, Irina Pokhilenko and Luca Janssen (UM) displayed the preliminary findings of their study on the identification and validation of items in the Education and the Criminal Justice sectors. The session closed with an interactive part, in which the presenters got involved a lively discussion with the audience about the importance of intersectoral costs and benefits, and the barriers and facilitators to include these in economic evaluations. While the audience was well aware of the importance of these intersectoral costs and benefits, all agreed that valid methodological tools are lacking, on which the PECUNIA project is focusing.

On July 16, Susanne Mayer (MUW) presented “Valuation Methods in Costing for International, Multi-Sectoral Health Economic Evaluations: A Structured Scoping Review” in the session “Methodological Advances and Applications in Economic Evaluation”. In her presentation, she elaborated on several methodological factors that influence cost valuation methods across different sectors and countries. She also provided a first sneak peek on the potential ways forward to address and incorporate these issues as currently further explored as part of the PECUNIA horizontal activity ‘valuation’.

On July 17, an organized session chaired by Adrian Towse was devoted to “Methods Harmonisation in Multi-Sectoral, Multi-National Economic Evaluations: The PECUNIA Project”. The presentations involving four PECUNIA partner institutions were followed by a vivid discussion among the present health economists, researchers from relevant other European projects and PECUNIA consortium members. Overall, the external feedback emphasized PECUNIA’s potential for big impact and highlighted its importance beyond economic evaluations especially due to the comparable service costing aspects.

The presentations in this session:

  • Adrian Towse (chair) is leading a lively discussion during the PECUNIA organised session

  • Adrian Towse (chair) introduces Prof. Judit Simon, coordinator of the PECUNIA project

  • Alexander Konnopka (UKE) is presenting during the PECUNIA organised session at iHEA

  • Luca Janssen (UM) is introducing “Resource Use Measurement in Multi-Sectoral and Multi-National Economic Evaluations of Health Care Interventions: A Scoping Review”