Several contributions of the PECUNIA partners at ISPOR Europe 2020

PECUNIA project partners presented the project results during the ISPOR Europe Conference on 16-19 November 2020. The conference was initially planned to take place in Milan, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was redesigned for a virtual audience. Themed Improving Health: Establishing Incentives and Sharing Value, Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020 questioned the fundamental conventions around value, risk, rewards, and the role of public and private sectors. The program is available on the conference website.

PECUNIA partners contributed to several poster sessions:

As part of Work Package 1, Susanne Mayer presented an E-Poster on the Harmonized Unit Costs for Health and Social Care Services Based on the PECUNIA tools: The Example of Austria”.

Authors: S. Mayer, C. Fischer, M. Berger, A. Konnopka, V. Brodszky, S. M.M.A. Evers, L. Hakkaart-van Roijen, M. R. Guitérrez Colosia, L. Salvador-Carulla, A. Park, W. Hollingworth, J. Simon, on behalf of the PECUNIA Group

As part of Work Package 3, Kimberley Hubens presented an E-Poster on the Measurement Instruments of Productivity Loss of Paid and Unpaid Work: A Systematic Review and Framework for Assessment from a Societal Perspective”. Authors: K. Hubens, C. A Uyl-de Groot, L. Hakkaart-van Roijen

As part of Work Package 4, Valentin Brodsky presented an E-Poster on the “Standardized unit cost calculation for informal care time and cross-country comparison: PECUNIA Project”.

Authors: V. Brodszky, S. Mayer, A. Konnopka, S.M.M.A. Evers, L. Hakkaart-van Roijen, L. Salvador-Carulla, A.-L. Park, W. Hollingworth, J. Simon, L. Gulácsi on behalf of the PECUNIA group

As part of Work Package 5, Agata Łaszewska presented an E-Poster on the Identification of PROMs Used for Generic Quality of Life Assessment in Multi-Person, Multi-Sectoral, Multi-National (Mental Health) Economic Evaluations”. Authors: A. Łaszewska, T. Helter, A. Nagel, J. Simon

Besides, a pre-recorded on-demand workshop session was organised to the ISPOR participants. Two discussants from the PECUNIA consortium, Coordinator Judit Simon and Work Package Leader Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen, and PECUNIA Scientific Advisory Board member Jan van Busschbach presented the results of the PECUNIA project on harmonising methods and tools for outcome assessments in economic evaluations across countries in Europe: “Harmonized Methods for Estimating Pan- and Supra-National Utility Value Sets: The PECUNIA Project”. The workshop addressed the challenges of cross-country measurements and valuation of outcomes using the EQ-5D as an illustrative example.