Presentation of PECUNIA at Wiener Spitalärztekongress

Coordinator Professor Judit Simon presented PECUNIA during the Wiener Spitalärztekongress on September 4, 2018. In the talk Financial challenges in health care – the way forward from a health economic viewpoint Judit demonstrated the existing challenges of health care systems caused by rapidly ageing societies, prolonged disease burden and new expensive health care technologies. She showed that demonstration of cost-effectiveness evidence in addition to quality, safety and efficacy of interventions has been introduced in many health care systems as a fourth hurdle for reimbursement decisions. However, lack of harmonised cost and outcome evidence, fragmented funding arrangements and growing complexity of health information continue to be barriers for acceptance and implementation of economic evaluations by decision makers. In the following, Judit outlined the concept of PECUNIA which tackles these challenges by establishing standardised costing and outcome assessment systems that directly enable comparability, applicability and transferability of cost-effectiveness evidence within and across countries and sectors.