Presentations on current PECUNIA work at 5th ATHEA conference in Vienna

During the 5th Austrian Health Economics Association’s (ATHEA) conference on 28 February 2020 in Vienna, Austria, two oral PECUNIA presentations were given by the team of the Medizinische Universität Wien:

Susanne Mayer presented “Development of the PECUNIA unit cost calculation templates for harmonized cross-country and cross-sector valuation of services”. In her presentation, she outlined the developmental process of the PECUNIA unit costing templates for services, which will allow for more standardized calculation of unit costs for use in e.g. future economic evaluations. Susanne also gave an overview of the experiences from the pilot-test of these costing templates for multiple services from multiple sectors in five PECUNIA countries. In 2020, these unit costing templates will be further validated for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in parallel to a comprehensive primary data collection exercise in the PECUNIA countries to calculate national-level unit costs.

In her presentation “Identification of cross-country differences in health state valuations to identify criteria guiding future development of supra-national value sets for EQ-5D” Agata Łaszewska addressed the issue of availability and cross-country variability of the national EQ-5D valuation tariffs in Europe. She presented a concept of regional value sets for the EQ-5D, referred to as ‘supra-national’ value sets, that combine a selection of European country-specific value sets, on the basis of cultural considerations and country characteristics. During her presentation, Agata presented the preparatory work that outlines the conceptual basis for the development of supra-national value sets including the basis for the selection of groups of similar countries.