Establish standardised costing and outcome assessment measures for optimised national healthcare provision in the European Union
PECUNIA aims at achieving five objectives
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Steering Committee Meeting in Venice – heading into the final phase of the first half of the project

Most of the PECUNIA partners being in Venice for the Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry anyway, the consortium took the opportunity to meet before, on March 29, to discuss critical issues and next steps within the project. In their presentations, the work packages leaders gave a short overview on the methods used so far, listed the work plan for the next few months and identified open questions. In addition, the status quo in the horizontal activities was discussed. In horizontal activity 3 (Measurement), Silvia Evers (Maastricht University) gave an update on the development of the RUM questionnaire.

In a dedicated discussion, the participants planned the programme and invitation list of the 1st PECUNIA Satellite Workshop, which will take place on July 17, 2019, in Basel. All agreed that the invited health economists and stakeholders will be introduced to the approach and methodology developed in the project and then, in interactive sessions, will be asked to validate them. The partners will incorporate this input in the work plan of the 2nd half of PECUNIA.

The partners also used the meeting to plan publications and conference attendances in 2019/2020. The consortium will come together again on May 17 in Vienna, together with the Scientific Advisory Board Members.

  • PECUNIA team members at the Steering Committee Meeting in Venice

  • Presentation of work package 1 by Alexander Konnopka